Experience Your Moment of Victory.

The Securview Victory Series grants you the power to setup new and convert old analogue CCTV systems to high definition with the simplicity of conventional analogue CCTV installations. Each product in the range uses the HDCVI video transmission standard (high definition composite video interface), established by the CCTV industry for the CCTV industry. HDCVI transmission technology delivers 3 signals (video/audio/control) across a single coaxial cable. This results in low latency, long transmission distance high definition video with lossless real-time preview at a lower cost compared to other HD video over coax systems. Experience your moment of victory with Securview Victory Series.

HD Video Signal Transmission Distance
Up to 100m Signal distortion over long distances with expensive cable requirements
Up to 500m* Up to 5 times the transmission distance at 720p; 3 times at 1080p with low signal distortion
Anti-interference Capabilities
Poor High frequency interference leads to increased bit error ratio
Good Adopts low frequency modulation technology to ensure stable video transmission at high image quality
Overall System Cost
High Greater system cost; higher demand in quality of cable and installation
Low Lower cost systems; inherits the same installation process of conventional analogue systems